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BU Bhopal Question Paper


Total No. of Questions: 13] [Total No. of Printed Pages: 3
M.B.A.(Plain/Gen.Mgt./Mkt. Mgt./Hum. Res. Mgt./Fin. Mgt./
Mkt. & Sales Mgt./Fin./Mkt.)
(F.T.) 1st Semester (Reg./Ex./ATKT)
Examination, 2022-23
Management Concept and Practice
Paper - 101
Time: 3 Hours] [Maximum Marks: 80
Note:- Attempt both sections.

Short Answer Type Questions 4x8-32
Note:- Attempt any four questions out of eight. Each question carries 8 mark.
1. Explain management as a 'system of Authority'.
2. What is meant by 'Contingency Management'.
3. What is Taylor's principal view about Scientific Management.
4. Describe the process of Planning.
5. What is Decision making? Explain.
6. Explain the concept of Departmentation.
7. Describe the meaning of Motivation.
8. Define co-ordination, leadership, Morale and Productivity.

SECTION-'B' 3×16-48

Long Answer Type Questions Note:- Attempt any three questions. Each question carries 16 marks.
9. "Management is the development of men and not the direction of things." Elucidate.
10. Critically evaluate the system Approach to Management.
11. Write short notes on:
(a) MBO
(b) MBE
12. Explain the span of control what are the barriers in delegation of Authority.
13. Define Directing. Explain the Various style of leadership.

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