Management Concept and Practice : 2017
Section - A

Note: Attempt any four questions out of eight. Each question carries eight marks

Q.1    Define the term management and discuss in brief the nature of management.

Q.2 Write short note on Management By Objective (MBO).

Q.3 Discuss the difference between management and administration.

Q.4 What is centralization? How does it differ from decentralization?

Q.5 Distinguish between Leadership and management.

Q.6 Explain the principle of span of control. Discuss the factor influencing the proper span of control.

Q.7 Discuss the concept of organizing and its importance in management.

Q.8 Explain the different kinds of control.

Section - B

Note : Attempt any three question out of five. Each question carries 16 marks

Q.9 A manager has Many roles to play. Each of there roles, demands a variety  of skills. Discuss the roles and the skills required for each role.

Q.10 The work of Taylor and Fayol was essentially complementary. How far do you agree?

Q. 11 What are the different types of plans? Describe various steps in the

planning process.

Q.12 What is decision making? Explain the importance and process of decision making in detail.

Q.13 Define motivation. Compare and contrast Maslow's theory of motivation and Herzberg two factor theory of motivation.