Communication Skills : 2017

Section - A (Short answer type questions)

 Note : Attempt any four questions. Each question carries 8 marks.

Q.1 Discuss various patterns in which content of a presentation can be organised.

Q.2 Explain the need for using technology in business. Justify your answer with an example:

Q.3 Explain different types of communication with examples.

Q.4 Define a resume. What role does it play in setting a candidate for job?

Q.5 What are the objectives of interviews? Explain exit interview in brief.

Q.6 What are the advantages and disadvantages of grapevine communication?

Q.7 Explain the various steps involved in a group discussion.

Q.8 Define non-verbal communication. Discuss atleast four forms of nonverbal communication.

Section - B (Long answer type questions)

Attempt any three questions. Each question carries 16 marks.

Note :

Q.9 What do you understand by business etiquettes. Discuss the significance of (a) dressing (h) table manners (c) handshake in corporate with suitable example.

Q.10 A French investment company is seeking an analyst who can assist the assessment in developing market for them. Applicant should have a PG degree from a reputed college. Strong analytical capabilities and excel­lent computer skills. Will give an edge over other applicants. Prepare and E-mail your resume and cover letter to ebif@mark dot in.

Q.11 Your company is considering a proposal to make an in home canteen for office employees. Your office has around 100 employees. Make a report to give an estimate of the area, manpower and money required to set up and run the canteen.

Q.12 Elaborate the various steps involved in the process of communication. Distinguish between oral and written communication.

Q.13 Elucidate the essentials of a good business letter. Write a letter to Mayor of your city telling him the condition of Bad Roads in your locality.